Hotmail issues

Just a quick note to those of you with Hotmail email addresses. Recently Hotmail has been silently deleting most of the emails sent by Inventive Dingo to its users. As far as I can tell this has nothing to do with me, it’s just a consequence of Hotmail being irrationally overzealous in its spam filtering. Spam filters are wonderful things, but when they start blocking legitimate email then they’re a problem!

This applies to download links sent from the Download Updates page as well as replies to emails sent to my contact address.

The worst part is that if you email me from a Hotmail address saying that you haven’t received a download updates email, I’m not able to respond!

If you used a Hotmail address when purchasing Mayhem Intergalactic and want to use a different email address instead to avoid this problem, please email me from that Hotmail address and provide the alternate email address.

I recommend or Gmail as good free alternatives to Hotmail.

Mayhem Intergalactic v1.2 released

Another massive free update! This version introduces a new gameplay feature as well as further upping the ante on visuals, polish, and playability.

  • New feature: Rifts in the space-time continuum! A rift basically serves as a wall; you can’t move ships through it. This opens up some interesting map design possibilities. Some new maps which use rifts have been shipped with the game, and you are welcome to make your own.
  • Visual improvements: Ship graphics replaced, with a different look for each colour of ship. Battles are slightly animated now, as are the lines from a convoy to its destination. Added animated exhaust plumes. New background image and title screen. In/out fades when transitioning in and out of a game. New mouse pointer!
  • Selecting a planet and hovering the mouse over another will tell you the ETA for ships travelling along that route, and show you whether you can move ships there.
  • You can choose ship quantities using only the mouse now. That means there’s never any need to touch the keyboard at all while playing. (Extensive keyboard controls still exist, of course.)
  • Planet and convoy selection is much more forgiving; you don’t need to be at all precise with the mouse any longer.
  • Miscellaneous interface improvements to make things easier to understand and use. Added some help tooltips to the in-game controls.
  • Resolution selection is smarter and more considerate of aspect ratios.
  • Tons of bugs fixed.

If you bought a previous version, I encourage you to upgrade for free. The demo download has been updated, and new customers always receive the latest version.


New e-commerce provider

Howdy folks! Just a quick note to say that I’ve switched e-commerce providers (for Mayhem Intergalactic only) from BMT Micro to FastSpring. FastSpring provides a number of nifty features which BMT Micro doesn’t, and their system is a lot slicker overall. For example, all fraud checking is done instantly, so if you use a credit card or Paypal to pay then you should receive your purchase in your inbox immediately.

(Checks and money orders are still constrained by the speed of the postal service, unfortunately. No free pass there.)

Oh, and from my point of view, FastSpring is slightly cheaper than BMT Micro. That means more of your dollars going towards future Mayhem Intergalactic updates and new games!

A funny thing happened while I was in the process of setting this up… well, it was funny in retrospect. While checking a detail of BMT Micro’s ordering process, I discovered to my horror that Mayhem Intergalactic’s purchase link wasn’t working, due to a subtle Google Analytics misconfiguration error which occurred exactly two weeks ago. Yikes! Sorry to anyone who tried to access it during the past couple of weeks. I try my best to keep everything working, but unfortunately I’m just one guy. If you see something broken on this site, let me know and I’ll fix it lickety-split! Or die trying.

On that note, please go ahead and email me, post on the forums, or leave a comment here if you’re having any difficulties with the new system (or anything else for that matter). I live for your feedback, positive or negative!