Hotmail issues

Just a quick note to those of you with Hotmail email addresses. Recently Hotmail has been silently deleting most of the emails sent by Inventive Dingo to its users. As far as I can tell this has nothing to do with me, it’s just a consequence of Hotmail being irrationally overzealous in its spam filtering. Spam filters are wonderful things, but when they start blocking legitimate email then they’re a problem!

This applies to download links sent from the Download Updates page as well as replies to emails sent to my contact address.

The worst part is that if you email me from a Hotmail address saying that you haven’t received a download updates email, I’m not able to respond!

If you used a Hotmail address when purchasing Mayhem Intergalactic and want to use a different email address instead to avoid this problem, please email me from that Hotmail address and provide the alternate email address.

I recommend or Gmail as good free alternatives to Hotmail.

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