Mayhem Intergalactic v1.0.1 released

Mayhem Intergalactic v1.0.1 has been released, with the following changes since version 1.0b:

  • Changed feature: When setting rally points or using the Send Ships button to send ships, you now select the destination before the amount of ships to leave/send.
  • Changed feature: The “show enemy ships” feature no longer lets you see the results of other people’s actions before the turn ends.
  • New feature: You can now choose a favourite colour, which is used as your player colour when possible.
  • New feature: Pressing PrtScrn saves a screenshot in the user’s profile directory.
  • Fixed: Non-English languages are now handled correctly.
  • Fixed: Occasional crash on exit
  • Fixed: Upgrade button now dims when the selected planet has already been upgraded this turn.
  • Fixed: Send Ships button now dims when there are no ships at the selected planet to send.
  • Fixed: The keyboard shortcut for the Chat button is now T instead of C, to avoid conflicts with Cancel buttons.

Mayhem Intergalactic v1.0b released

Mayhem Intergalactic v1.0b has been released, with the following minor bugs fixed:

  • Fixed: Limited multiplayer now functions in the demo as intended.
  • Fixed: Stray text at edge of end-game statistics screen.
  • Fixed: When the screen aspect ratio was not 4:3, letter underlines on buttons were not aligned correctly.