When Impulse Buys are Good Things (Unlike My Puns)

Buying Mayhem Intergalactic on impulse was always a good idea*. Now, if you like, you can buy Mayhem Intergalactic on impulse on Impulse!

Confused? Allow me to clarify: Mayhem Intergalactic is now available on Impulse, Stardock Corporation’s digital distribution platform. Available for purchase, that is. Hooray!

Dingo hearts Impulse

Get a room, you-- waaaait. This joke seems oddly familiar.

The folks at Stardock Corporation seem like good chaps, despite their ominous-sounding company name (doom doom doom Stardock Corporation doom doom doom), so don’t be afraid to entrust them with the 19.95 intergalactic space dollars needed to make an Impulse purchase of said video game. Go forth and Impulse buy! They probably won’t spend their 30% cut on a nefarious plan to conquer the known universe.

* Especially thanks to Inventive Dingo’s iron-clad, water-tight, 100%-flip-flop-proof 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! (To be clear, the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee only applies to purchases made via this website; it doesn’t apply to purchases made via Impulse or Steam, since I don’t work for either of those fine companies. Impulse’s returns policy is here, and Steam… um… doesn’t do returns. Sadness.)