Vote for MI in the 2008 Indie Game Contest

Voting is now open for the 2008 Indie Games Contest, in which Mayhem Intergalactic is an entrant. Please vote it up if you like it!

Just to clarify, the Indie Game Contest has nothing to do with the Independent Games Festival in which Mayhem Intergalactic was a student showcase winner (fancy way of saying “finalist”). I know, confusing, isn’t it? Still, I guess there’s only so many ways to name a contest for indie games…

In other news, the Game Developers Conference was a blast! Also, Mayhem Intergalactic and I were on TV. I should probably set up one of those fancy blog things so I have an excuse to go on and on about it! (That’s what blogs are for, right?)

(Update: Several months later… As you may have noticed, I now indeed have a blog! I’ve imported in all the old news content. - 7th June 2008)

(Update: Several more months later… voting for the Indie Games Contest has now closed. Thanks to everyone who voted! They’re announcing the results later this year. – 6th September 2008)