Mayhem Intergalactic: Coming soon to a Steam client near you

I am very pleased to announce that Mayhem Intergalactic will soon* be coming to Steam, Valve’s leading digital distribution platform. Hooray!

'Inventive Dingo loves Steam!'

... Get a room, you two.

What does this mean for you?

  • The game will get more exposure, boosting the size of the Mayhem Intergalactic community and hopefully breathing more life into the multiplayer scene.
  • Wider distribution means more sales, which means more money, which will help to fund further Mayhem Intergalactic improvements and the development of Inventive Dingo’s next game.
  • The release of the Steam version will see the addition of new features, such as “achievements”. I’ll make another post about achievements in a couple of days.
  • The new Steam version and the current non-Steam version will be equally supported. All new features and bug fixes will be made available in both versions simultaneously. Existing customers will continue to receive all features and bug fixes in free updates.
  • Remember that beta call from waaaay back? This is why it happened!
    • If you signed up for the beta earlier, you’re probably wondering what happened to it. Never fear; it’s not dead, just resting. I will contact you about it very soon.
    • If you didn’t sign up earlier, it’s still not too late.

* As always, “soon” means “when it’s done”!

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