Mayhem Intergalactic: Highly Desura-ble

(I know, I know. I kill me.)

I’m proud to announce that Mayhem Intergalactic has been selected as a launch title for Desura, the new digital distribution platform from the brains behind sister sites Mod DB and Indie DB.

The Dingo taking a bite out of the Desura logo

I'm sorry, Desura! You're just so tasty!

If you’re not familiar with Desura, it’s perhaps best described as a cross between Mod DB and Steam. Like Steam, there’s a web store to buy games, and a client to download, update and play them on any Windows PC. However, thanks to its Mod DB heritage, it also comes equipped with all of that site’s functionality. You can write reviews and other articles, rate games, upload screenshots, post comments on just about everything, watch games for updates, and so on. And all that user content is fearlessly visible on the game’s main store page. Holy transparency, Batman!

Perhaps best of all, Desura also boasts a hefty selection of free content, including standalone freeware games and mods for commercial games, with a single click. No more messing around with zip files! While the list of available goodies is limited at launch, they’re promising to add at least one new mod every day so it should fill up pretty quickly.

If any the above tickles your fancy, you can grab the Desura client from here, or read more about it. And of course Mayhem Intergalactic can be purchased from this here fine webpage, starting right now. Not that you need to, because you already bought it, right? Right. Because you’re awesome.

Until next time, space fans!

A hand fan in a nebula.

I can't decide which is worse, the pun or the photoshop.

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