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Author Topic: Steam Account Phishing  (Read 13590 times)
Destroyer of Worlds
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« on: February 03, 2009, 03:49:16 am »

This is a little off topic, but I thought it warranted a thread.

exo_ShakuganNoHacker [CA]: http://www.steamcommunity*******.tk its like myspace but for steam useres only add it to your favs
add me i want the most friends...
Minus: it wants me to loggin
Minus: do i use my steam id and pass or what
exo_ShakuganNoHacker [CA]: yea
exo_ShakuganNoHacker [CA]: only way it will let u in
Minus: where is .tk, texas?
exo_ShakuganNoHacker [CA]: yup
Minus: o cool
Minus: r u from texas too
exo_ShakuganNoHacker [CA]: no im frm cali
Minus: oh, im born and raised texas
Minus: ever been to texas?
exo_ShakuganNoHacker [CA]: no
exo_ShakuganNoHacker [CA]: do u got a msn???
Minus: u should come here, we've got good fishing
Minus: do you like fishing?
exo_ShakuganNoHacker [CA]: yup
Minus: i can always tell who's a fisherman
exo_ShakuganNoHacker [CA]: both ways
exo_ShakuganNoHacker [CA]: i love phishing
Minus: So do people actually fall for it often enough to make it worth your while?
exo_ShakuganNoHacker [CA]: yup alot actually
exo_ShakuganNoHacker [CA]: so do u play cod2?
Minus: Nah man.
exo_ShakuganNoHacker [CA]: oh
exo_ShakuganNoHacker [CA]: y not??
Minus: Never bought the game.
exo_ShakuganNoHacker [CA]: oh
exo_ShakuganNoHacker [CA]: its pretty fun
Minus: Not like I'd be taking your word for it, would I?
exo_ShakuganNoHacker [CA]: lol
exo_ShakuganNoHacker [CA]: hey man
exo_ShakuganNoHacker [CA]: like i said to everyone else
exo_ShakuganNoHacker [CA]: i will tell u if u ask me if its a fishing site
exo_ShakuganNoHacker [CA]: this accnt im on is hacked
exo_ShakuganNoHacker [CA]: lol
Minus: Obviously, yeah
Minus: That's not a compelling reason to trust you Tongue
exo_ShakuganNoHacker [CA]: lol
exo_ShakuganNoHacker [CA]: ok

I'm not sure if any people here are new to Steam, but in case you are, don't fall for this sort of thing. This guy contacted me through another Steam group, so just because someone might message you from within the MIG group doesn't make them legitimate.

Now, if anyone would like to buy a slightly used soapbox, I'm done with mine.

edit: link unlinked, just in case.

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Space cadet
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« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2009, 04:27:04 am »

Hehe, I enjoy your subtle hints that you are on to them and their odd attempt to save face by saying they will tell people it is a phishing site if they ask...Huh What a saint.

Destroyer of Worlds
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« Reply #2 on: February 03, 2009, 04:47:04 am »

I thought getting him to admit to nonsensical things might help my case when I reported him to Valve. Never thought he'd outright say he stole the account, though.

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« Reply #3 on: February 03, 2009, 06:26:16 am »

Thanks for posting that warning Minus.

Be alert, people!
Destroyer of Worlds
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« Reply #4 on: March 17, 2009, 06:25:21 am »

Got another one today. This guy messaged me through the Mayhem Intergalactic Steam group, so I'm keeping his name intact so you can see who it was.

Scott D: Unlock all achivements in almost every game! watch! ***REMOVED, IT WAS A YOUTUBE VIDEO***
Minus: Why would one do that
Scott D: i just did
Scott D: and it works
Minus: Cool, but that doesn't answer the question
Scott D: well
Scott D: to have al the achievemnts done.
Minus: I assumed that's what you meant
Minus: But that still doesn't explain why
Scott D: well so u dont have to sit there and beat it
Scott D: u can do that
Scott D: and it looks like u did
Minus: That still doesn't explain "why"
Minus: Only "what"
Scott D: Download: ***REMOVED, IT WAS MALWARE***
Scott D: here try it out urself
Minus: Why
Scott D: beacuse..
Scott D: just do it
Minus: Why
Minus: Why is my precious rocket drifting off into deep space
Scott D: mhm see for urself
Minus: Why am I reaching you at the coordinates of the abandoned space station
Minus: why
Minus: Why
Minus: WHY
Minus: listen
Minus: I think this is some kind of scam, to get Youtube view count up right?
Scott D: not really.
Minus: I'll click on your video twenty times if you click on mine five times, okay?
Scott D: u have to dl the file
Minus: ok but click on my video five times
Scott D: ok...
Minus: I'm watching the view count, don't cheat me
Minus: r u watchnig
Scott D: yea
Scott D: i hit refrest a bunch of times
Scott D: good?
Minus: no man you have to sit all the way thru
Scott D: ok..
Scott D: its going..
Minus: kk
Minus: youtube's viewhack protection gets stronger but they can't not count a full view
Scott D: ok...
Scott D: well did u dl that file?
Minus: not until i see the viewcount go up
Minus: otherwise i can't no if you're cheating me or not
Scott D: no dl = no vewis
Scott D: views*
Minus: yea i no
Minus: hmm try refreshing a bunch more
Scott D: download that file first.
Scott D: so we get a hit
Minus: how about i start the download, pause it halfway, you go to because that first one isn't working, then I finish the dl
Scott D: mhm im watchin it
Scott D: so just dl it while it goes
Minus: yea ok
Minus: it's a good video xD
Scott D: all it says is why
Minus: do you like sonic the hegehog
Scott D: not reall
Scott D: really
Minus: wtf **** you
Minus: where r u from
Scott D: brooklyn
Minus: **** that man u should come to cali
Minus: we got good **** in cali
Scott D: if u dl that thing
Scott D: ill consider it
Minus: do you like to fish?
Minus: we've got good fishing in cali
Scott D: mhm not rele

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Space cadet
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« Reply #5 on: March 17, 2009, 06:13:11 pm »

Since I'm in his friends list I also got this idort talking to me.  I pulled the same thing Minus did at the top of this thread:

Scott D: Unlock all achivements in almost every game! watch! {youtube video}
Jargle: oh man that's so cool
Jargle: I wish I was as cool as you
Jargle: will... will this make me popular?
Scott D: yea
Jargle: so i guess
Jargle: this would
Jargle: I dunno man
Jargle: omg
Scott D: just watch it and dl the program and see for urself.
Jargle: will my accnt get bannd
Jargle: the download's not working
Jargle: help
Scott D: Download: [haha NO]
Jargle: I click it and all it does is send me to sport fishing sites
Jargle: hey fishing is pretty cool man
Scott D: mhm it works for me.
Jargle: do you fish
Scott D: scroll down
Scott D: and click dl
Jargle: it's still doing the sport sites
Jargle: how do I fis it
Jargle: help thi sounds cool
Scott D: [he sends it again]
Jargle: okay
Jargle: you're obviously not ****ing getting it
Jargle: idiot.

{Also I started spelling things wrong on purpose, I swear I don't IM that way for real}
Eats planets for breakfast
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« Reply #6 on: March 18, 2009, 12:07:53 am »

That is F***ing hilarious! I hope that guy tries it on me!

What is Six Times Nine

Jp may have played mayhem before it was cool, but I play while its cool! *

* "Cool" is defined as the period of time in which Kumlekar plays a game.
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