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1  Mayhem Intergalactic / Map & Mod Repository / Re: Minus' Map Thread on: January 12, 2010, 12:34:28 am
Wow, it's been a year! I still play this game... It remains one of my top 5 favorite indy games of all time, some days it's easily my most favorite. I wonder sometimes if Chris is still making games. I say that to no one in particular because the forum is clearly dead and there's no telling how long it will be until he sees this message.

=Ansible (1v1)=
You can tell from the distances screenshot that it's quite a chaotic map, exactly the kind of mayhem this game's title promises.

From the Map.ini:
description=A tight cluster of strategic planets with many battlegrounds. Nearly overwhelming micromanagement. Can you keep solid command of your entire fleet? Remember: The enemy's gate is down.

I seem to be having trouble attaching the screenshots, so here's some imgur links. I don't know how long they stay on imgur before they are purged.

Screenshot showing homeworlds.
Screenshot showing distances and base production values.
2  Mayhem Intergalactic / Features & Bugs / Re: Change log - feature additions and bug fixes in active development on: June 22, 2009, 08:45:59 am
Still got the game installed! Never left my hard drive.
3  Mayhem Intergalactic / General Mayhem / Re: Mayhem Intergalactic Tournament (unofficial thread) on: March 18, 2009, 09:36:21 pm
Hi Percipient,

Sorry it's hard to find people. I'm so busy I haven't even played recently, and the tournament idea kinda phased. The option is still out there as soon as interest resurges. Are you in the Steam group?
4  Mayhem Intergalactic / General Mayhem / Re: Steam Account Phishing on: March 17, 2009, 06:25:21 am
Got another one today. This guy messaged me through the Mayhem Intergalactic Steam group, so I'm keeping his name intact so you can see who it was.

Scott D: Unlock all achivements in almost every game! watch! ***REMOVED, IT WAS A YOUTUBE VIDEO***
Minus: Why would one do that
Scott D: i just did
Scott D: and it works
Minus: Cool, but that doesn't answer the question
Scott D: well
Scott D: to have al the achievemnts done.
Minus: I assumed that's what you meant
Minus: But that still doesn't explain why
Scott D: well so u dont have to sit there and beat it
Scott D: u can do that
Scott D: and it looks like u did
Minus: That still doesn't explain "why"
Minus: Only "what"
Scott D: Download: ***REMOVED, IT WAS MALWARE***
Scott D: here try it out urself
Minus: Why
Scott D: beacuse..
Scott D: just do it
Minus: Why
Minus: Why is my precious rocket drifting off into deep space
Scott D: mhm see for urself
Minus: Why am I reaching you at the coordinates of the abandoned space station
Minus: why
Minus: Why
Minus: WHY
Minus: listen
Minus: I think this is some kind of scam, to get Youtube view count up right?
Scott D: not really.
Minus: I'll click on your video twenty times if you click on mine five times, okay?
Scott D: u have to dl the file
Minus: ok but click on my video five times
Scott D: ok...
Minus: I'm watching the view count, don't cheat me
Minus: r u watchnig
Scott D: yea
Scott D: i hit refrest a bunch of times
Scott D: good?
Minus: no man you have to sit all the way thru
Scott D: ok..
Scott D: its going..
Minus: kk
Minus: youtube's viewhack protection gets stronger but they can't not count a full view
Scott D: ok...
Scott D: well did u dl that file?
Minus: not until i see the viewcount go up
Minus: otherwise i can't no if you're cheating me or not
Scott D: no dl = no vewis
Scott D: views*
Minus: yea i no
Minus: hmm try refreshing a bunch more
Scott D: download that file first.
Scott D: so we get a hit
Minus: how about i start the download, pause it halfway, you go to because that first one isn't working, then I finish the dl
Scott D: mhm im watchin it
Scott D: so just dl it while it goes
Minus: yea ok
Minus: it's a good video xD
Scott D: all it says is why
Minus: do you like sonic the hegehog
Scott D: not reall
Scott D: really
Minus: wtf **** you
Minus: where r u from
Scott D: brooklyn
Minus: **** that man u should come to cali
Minus: we got good **** in cali
Scott D: if u dl that thing
Scott D: ill consider it
Minus: do you like to fish?
Minus: we've got good fishing in cali
Scott D: mhm not rele
5  Mayhem Intergalactic / General Mayhem / The 'I Caught this on Reddit/Slashdot/Youtube' Thread on: March 03, 2009, 04:17:56 am
Since I don't think we have one yet. Try to keep it software/nerd interest related to bear some relevancy to the MIG fanbase.

Anyway, I thought you guys might like this thing I read on reddit a few days ago. Thought of you for some reason Tongue
6  Mayhem Intergalactic / Features & Bugs / Re: General Ideas Thread on: February 22, 2009, 08:01:33 pm
I have another sound request. Sometimes people get surprised when the game ends - maybe some sort of warning blips that fire with a message in the chat box at five minutes remaining in the game, two minutes, one minute, and at thirty seconds, or when there are five turns remaining, 3 turns, and final turn. Like, "***Warning! Five minutes until end of game!" in reddish text.
7  Mayhem Intergalactic / Cartographic Chaos & Modding Mayhem / Re: Translations and Localizations General Thread on: February 22, 2009, 10:43:12 am
Make sure you're saving the file in UTF-8 encoding.

Guess Notepad.exe won't be cutting it then.

Yeah, the font used on the main menu is missing characters with accent marks and so on. It affects all European translations in one way or other. I will fix that at some point, when I get serious about actually implementing translations into the official build of the game.

Hmm. That might impede progress while I try to see how well my translations fit into the spaces. Is there any way to force the game to use another font? Or can I add temporary characters to it?
8  Mayhem Intergalactic / Cartographic Chaos & Modding Mayhem / Re: Translations and Localizations General Thread on: February 22, 2009, 08:43:30 am
I'm having a lot of fun. I'm testing it by making a backup of the English strings.txt and modifying it directly. Only problem I'm having at the moment is accent marks like é seem to break the string at the moment. Also, when I start a game, it crashes with a UTF error. Attached is a shot of the main menu, you can see what it does to the word 'Succès,' which is the translation for 'Achievements' that Valve uses here.

Oh, and I only JUST realized what the & at the start of some of these strings does. That's what makes a hotkey, isn't it?
9  Mayhem Intergalactic / General Mayhem / Re: Mayhem Intergalactic Tournament (unofficial thread) on: February 22, 2009, 06:33:53 am
Okay, that's Boris, Ark, Cankillar, Kumlekar, and JP on board. That takes care of everyone I know and play with frequently - why don't you all please spread the word to the people I have lesser contact with. Viralize this.
10  Mayhem Intergalactic / General Mayhem / Re: Mayhem Intergalactic Tournament (unofficial thread) on: February 22, 2009, 01:22:34 am
I'm in, when does it start? I am unable to play this weekend, Feb 21-22.

Not for awhile. I need to get some resources together and directly talk to people to drum up interest.

Preferred Colors: 1-Green, 2-Blue, 3-Orange

I presume you mean you're providing a first, second, and third choice. This is a good idea and I'm amending the original post. Obviously some people will still end up the same colors, but this will help spread popular colors a little more thinly.
11  Mayhem Intergalactic / Cartographic Chaos & Modding Mayhem / Re: Translations and Localizations General Thread on: February 21, 2009, 09:24:30 am
My game came today. Hooray! Now I can get to it... Probably Monday. This weekend is packed. >_<
12  Mayhem Intergalactic / General Mayhem / Re: Mayhem Intergalactic Tournament (unofficial thread) on: February 21, 2009, 08:53:15 am
HELL YES!  I seem to remember suggesting this in another thread. Even so there will be no lawsuits for copyright infringement ;-)

Hmm. So you did, here, but so did Prez about a week before.

I like Prez's prize idea, but the possible prizes Chris and I talked about are not that.
13  Mayhem Intergalactic / Map & Mod Repository / Re: Minus' Map Thread on: February 21, 2009, 07:33:49 am
=Chauve-Souris (1v1)=
Third 1v1 map. I'm a little burned out on 1v1's for a while, I want to do some 3p FFA maps and some 2v2/4p maps soon. But this is kinda cool too! I'm starting to rely less on the map generation algorithm and more on feel. Chauve-Souris means "bat" in French. I thought it looks like a bat. :3

From the Map.ini:
description=A rorschach-mirrored map, a little limited by natural 'corridors' - but be careful, the enemy is closer than they appear to be! Recommended Settings: Production Normal, Natives Moderate, Ship Speed Normal
14  Mayhem Intergalactic / General Mayhem / Re: Mayhem Intergalactic Tournament (unofficial thread) on: February 21, 2009, 06:43:57 am
Will they be FABULOUS PRIZES? If so I'm in =)

They'll be splediferous.
15  Mayhem Intergalactic / General Mayhem / Mayhem Intergalactic Tournament (unofficial thread) on: February 21, 2009, 06:04:17 am
Hey guys. I've had this idea bouncing around in my head for about a week now. The short of it is - I'm setting up a Mayhem Intergalactic tournament. Once I figure out how many people are interested, I'll determine the best way to conduct signups, then come up with a good way to schedule matches. I think the responsibility will probably rest on your shoulders to contact your opponent, get as many observers as you can, and play by a certain date, usually within 1 or 2 weeks or until all the matches are played.

Some unorganized ideas:

-This is for Steam users and non-Steam users.
-You sign up by telling me you want to play. You give me your forum name, steam name (steamID), in-game name, real world country, and preferred color (pick a first and second choice of the eight in MIG), and I write you down.
-Games are 1v1.
-Single elimination.

Playing Your Games
-If we start with, say, 16 people, I draw up a Round Of 16 (RO16). I randomly insert names into the brackets to decide who's playing who. This makes 8 games total. I give you two weeks to contact your opponent and complete the match. At the end of these two weeks, RO16 has ended and I figure out who moves on in those cases that some games could not be played in time. I then update the tournament bracket and post in the thread, then declare the next deadline.
-Maps will be taken from my map thread (click here). Once I'm finished with the last map I'm working on, there will be 3 maps in the possible rotation. You and your opponent each pick one map to NOT play on, and play with whichever is left. In the event you each eliminate the same one, you have to determine for yourself which of the remaining two maps to play on. Try to be fair.
-Play in the official MIG servers if possible, to make sure the server is up-to-date. Invite friends for observers. They are not necessary but help greatly in making the game feel important. They should be polite, however, and try to not chat in the chat window when the game is going, as it can boost important strategic info outside the chat threshold.
-Play with the following settings: Turn Limit 40, Turn Time Limit 120 seconds, Production Normal, Natives Moderate, Ship Speed Normal (basically the defaults)

-At the end of the match, the only requirement is that at least one of you must post in the official thread saying who won.
-Win or lose, I would really really like to see each player write an End-Of-Game statement in the tournament thread, basically congratulating your opponent, saying how you thought the game played out, etc. Well-wishes make the whole thing civil, and strategic talk makes the tournament interesting as a technical game, so we can see how maps are working, etc.

This has been a doozy of a thread, but one more thing. I've talked to Chris... And there will be prizes.

Feb 29: Added the tournament ladder mockup. So imagine you in your preferred color, six more players along the bottom row, 8 players along the top, and the RO8 and RO4 duplicated along the top, and that should give you some idea of what I'm going for here.
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